Where Marketing and Data Intersect


At Hive9, we love marketing and we love data. We are passionate about measuring marketing effectiveness and helping B2B marketers prove and improve the impact of their work. We know the truth lies in the data, and we strive to provide useful insights to every user.

We know how hard it is, because we’ve been there. Right there, in your shoes. We know you work incredibly hard to make a difference, and that sometimes it seems like you’re flying blind. We got frustrated too, with operating in the dark, trying to make sense of disconnected plans and budgets, and being forced to make best guesses when all the time, the data was there, just out of reach. We knew there was a better way. So we decided to create Hive9.

Hive9 exists to help marketing leaders with the business of marketing, so you can run a high performance, data-driven organization that constantly improves marketing’s impact on the business. 

It All Adds Up

Marketers are busy bees. At Hive9, we make it easy for marketers to work hard towards a well-defined plan, collaborate, measure, and predict success. And the number 9? Well, if you multiply 9 by any natural number, and repeatedly add up the digits of the answer until it is just one digit, you'll end up with 9. With Hive9's marketing performance management solution working for you, marketing adds up to revenue. And that’s sweet.