3 Reasons We're Fans of MongoDB

Written by: Munira Fareed on 10/13/15 10:11 AM

Have you heard of MongoDB? It’s not a household name but many of the world’s largest brands you recognize and use likely know exactly who MongoDB is. In a nutshell, it is an open-source database and consulting services that companies use to build applications faster, with lower deployment costs, and simpler ongoing operations. They refer to themselves as “the database for giant ideas” that lets innovators deploy apps “as big as they can possibly dream.”

MongoDB recently chose Hive9 to help measure their marketing performance, something most companies struggle to successfully do. We’re really excited about it and recently posted a press release, but we're fans of MongoDB for other reasons:

Reason #1: MongoDB makes a developer’s life easier

MongoDB was founded in 2007 by people who wanted more from their databases. One of the common challenges for any company with big data is processing, storing and scaling that data to handle changing business operations and applications. Just like many genius innovations, MongoDB took something that was already there and made it better.

Combining the existing capabilities of the traditional relational database with the requirements of modern applications, they designed MongoDB to function in the cloud for more uptime, scalability and ease of use. That means customers can build applications much faster, do more with the data and never worry the business needs will outgrow the database.

Reason #2: MongoDB has had Incredible growth

In less than 10 years, MongoDB has acquired thousands of customers and partners, and it has had more than 10 million downloads. More than ⅓ of the Fortune 100 companies are already using MongoDB. That’s pretty amazing for a relatively new company. Kind of makes you wonder why no one thought of this sooner. Brilliant.

Reason #3: MongoDB significantly lowers TCO

We all know cloud-based applications are often much less expensive to operate and maintain than on-premise software. But MongoDB has what they call “single click management” that not only helps operations teams be more productive, but because it runs on commodity hardware, it doesn’t require any special devices or equipment to work with other systems. MongoDB estimates customers can deliver applications for 1/10 of the average cost required to use a relational database. What other technology you use can say that?

At Hive9, we’re all about making life easier. We are excited to partner with MongoDB in helping them measure, predict and improve the impact of their marketing efforts. MongoDB's CMO, Meagan Eisenberg, is a visionary marketing leader who uses an advanced martech stack to deliver high performance marketing. We have no doubt she's doing a fantastic job with MongoDB marketing. Now with Hive9, she can prove it.

“With Hive9, we don’t have to wait until the quarter has ended to see what’s working. We can use Hive9 in real-time to make better decisions about how to shift budget from low-performing to high-performing campaigns,” said Meagen Eisenberg, MongoDB’s CMO.

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