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Understanding Downstream Impacts of Budgeting Decisions

Written by: Ben Gawiser on 12/11/15 3:26 PM

The financial planning process is intended to help management plan investments and budgets that are hopefully consistent with corporate strategy. These investments define a company’s future performance.

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Marketing Plan Optimization in 3 Easy Steps

Written by: Ben Gawiser on 12/7/15 12:20 PM

Your team has a well-developed marketing plan you’ve been following to a tee. You’ve been collecting lots of data as you go to track how successful you are. You’re doing all the things you’re supposed to do, and yet you’re struggling to connect all the dots to see the big picture of how your efforts are performing.

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Why A/B testing is So 2010

Written by: Ben Gawiser on 12/4/15 12:23 PM

According to its technical definition, A/B Testing is the “randomized experiment with two variants.”  As we consider the complexity of today’s world, however, we start to understand that the optimal answer may not be A or B and in fact, it likely isn’t.

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Not Everyone Needs to Be a Data Scientist

Written by: Ben Gawiser on 10/27/15 9:06 PM

“It is tough to make predictions, especially about the future” – Yogi Berra

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