Bruce Brien

Bruce Brien
I have spent most of my career at the cross section of Marketing, Sales, Technology and Analytics. To say that I am passionate about these topics would be an understatement. I embrace the challenges that exist in complex B2B sales and marketing environments and I look forward to identifying or architecting the people, process, or technology based solutions that will deliver the desired results. I am an advocate for my customers and their needs, both internal and external, working tirelessly to ensure their success. I love to solve problems by blending the art and science that is available into the best possible solution.
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Marketing teams: Stop using spreadsheets for planning & collaboration

Written by: Bruce Brien on 3/7/19 9:37 AM

Spreadsheets were developed to manipulate numbers, not to juggle marketing campaigns, sales leads, the demand center, teams divided by region or country, or conflicts between digital campaigns and events. In fact, the more information crammed in to a spreadsheet the more unwieldy it becomes. The harder it is to use, the more the data becomes siloed. And when the data is siloed, it might as well not even exist.

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Topics: Marketing Planning, Marketing Analytics, Effective Planning