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How to Make the New SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall Meaningful to You

Written by: Darin Hicks on 5/30/17 10:36 AM

As many other published blogs before me, I was impressed by the new waterfall model rolled out by Terry Flaherty and Kerry Cunningham at the SiriusDecisions Summit.  They provided much needed insight into “pre-funnel” stages to understand your target market and leverage both internal and external data to determine “Active Demand”.

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Topics: Demand generation, Waterfall

How Mature Is Your Marketing Organization?

Written by: Darin Hicks on 12/22/15 5:42 PM

Marketing professionals talk a lot about collecting marketing analytics and performing data-driven marketing. Any marketing blog you visit or conference you attend, you can confidently count on hearing plenty of data-related buzzwords thrown around with frequency.

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Topics: Marketing Maturity, Hive9

Are You Flying Blind Without Real-time Dashboards?

Written by: Darin Hicks on 9/3/15 2:54 AM

As a marketing leader, you have plenty on your plate. You have to keep track of things like budgets, plans, strategies, and performance, just to name a few. Sadly, too many marketers are still trying to do this via spreadsheets. Maybe you’ve just used them so long, you don’t know what you’re missing. For the sake of your marketing success, let me tell you exactly why real-time marketing dashboards will trump any spreadsheet or other tool.

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Topics: Dashboards, Hive9