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Agility in Marketing Planning

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 3/31/17 9:14 AM

Think back on particular plans you’ve made in your life – both in business and in your personal life. How often do they play out exactly as you intended?

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ABM Best Practices, According to Research

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 3/7/17 2:43 PM

For a lot of B2B businesses, an account-based marketing strategy represents an effective way to target and win the customers that are most valuable to you. 84% of the businesses that do account-based marketing and measure how well it works cite a higher ROI from an ABM strategy than from the other types of marketing conducted.

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Justifying Your Marketing Budget

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 1/24/17 3:04 PM

How much you can accomplish in any given year or quarter is dependent, at least in part, on how much money you have to spend. Unfortunately for marketers, the people with the power to decide how big your budget will be from year to year don’t always see things with the same eyes that marketers do.

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Want a Bigger Marketing Budget? Support Your Request with Data.

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 1/6/17 1:14 PM

If there’s a marketing organization indifferent to the idea of a bigger budget, we haven’t met them yet. Your budget is intrinsically tied to what you’re able to accomplish. A bigger budget can mean better technology, new hires, higher salaries, and more resource to put into your marketing campaigns. Every bit of that makes for a happier, more successful team.

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What To Do When Marketing Metrics Fall Short

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 12/6/16 3:56 PM

The great thing about having access to enhanced marketing data is that it shows you what works. The corollary, of course, is that it also shows you what isn’t working in your marketing mix. Although unpleasant, digging into the drivers behind underperforming metrics are critical to improvement in your bottom line.

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Blueprint to a Successful B2B Webinar

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 11/18/16 1:47 PM

Webinars are widely regarded as one of the best tools for conversion that marketers have, and for good reason. In a lot of cases, it’s the touch point that launches prospects from the general lead pool into the category of sales qualified leads or even to the point of purchase.

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Identify and Leverage Your Most Valuable Customers

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 11/1/16 1:46 PM

You don’t need us to tell you how valuable customer advocates are. They’re one of your solution’s most powerful resources and offer living proof of your value. They’re also capable of driving high quality, net new leads.

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How to Create an Integrated Marketing Plan (And Why You Need One)

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 10/26/16 2:21 PM

Enterprise marketing organizations employ a lot of people for different types of work. Scale allows you to hire highly specialized staff for grade-A outcomes. But if the sophisticated pieces of your marketing plan don’t all fit together, you won’t see the results you need.

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Why Marketing Automation Can’t Be “Set It and Forget It”

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 10/24/16 9:59 AM

Enterprise marketing organizations are past the point of considering marketing automation optional. The availability of marketing automation software is the primary industry development that makes account-based marketing (ABM) on a large scale possible.

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Managing Marketers to Drive the Best Results

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 10/18/16 4:10 PM

We talk a lot about the role martech plays in getting impressive marketing results. Your marketing technology isn’t your only key resource, however. Successful organizations seldom drive big gains without hiring and retaining good people.

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