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Maslow’s Hierarchy Applied to Marketing

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 6/28/16 1:09 PM

Most of us encountered Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in school. As a refresher, Abraham Maslow posited that human beings all had basic needs that had to be met before they could move up the hierarchy to meet other higher-level needs.

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An Introduction to Automated Journey Maps

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 4/14/16 4:05 PM

Mapping the customer journey has long been a goal of marketers. The light at the end of a long, darkly-lit tunnel. Some have made it across the finish line only to realize the maps created are based on assumptions about what customers might do, rather than what they actually do.

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How to Find the Right Marketing Mix(ology) For Your Business

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 3/7/16 11:37 AM

Every marketing team and strategy is made up of a lot of different moving parts. In order for your marketing budget to really pay off, every one of those parts has to do its job well.

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Is Your Buyer on the Journey You Think They Are?

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 2/19/16 11:27 AM

Marketers talk a lot about the buyer’s journey. Google yields over a million results for the term. The quest to understand the process a customer goes through to come to a purchasing decision is one of marketing’s most popular subjects.

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Are You Seeing the Marketing Big Picture?

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 2/15/16 4:48 PM

Marketing culture is divided. In most market departments – and especially in large, enterprise ones  – almost all of the marketing team sees marketing campaigns and data in slivers. Each marketing professional spends most of their time focused on their one specialty.

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Are You Measuring Marketing Performance or Activity Output?

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 1/20/16 5:00 PM

In business, we crave metrics. We need something tangible we can look at to determine whether or not people are doing their jobs well and our efforts are paying off. For marketers, metrics are the go-to tool for justifying budget spend. When executives ask to see evidence that marketing is paying off, most marketing managers turn to spreadsheets filled with data.

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Is Your Marketing Plan Where It Needs to Be?

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 12/17/15 10:56 AM

68% of marketers report that demonstrating ROI on marketing spend is one of their top challenges. In fact, in that same Adobe survey looking at top marketing challenges, it took the #1 spot.

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