B2B Marketing Superstars: 8 Marketers Making Data-Driven Marketing a Reality

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 2/8/16 11:39 AM


Hive9 recognizes the important role that these marketers are playing in reshaping how the marketing landscape looks. Here are a few of the top players to keep your eye on.

Every industry has its rock stars and marketing is no exception. One thing notable about marketing’s rock stars is that there’s recently been a whole new category added to the criteria. Where creatives have long been the primary professionals to claim superstar status in the marketing field, marketers who are savvy with technology and data analysis are now taking their rightful place beside them.

Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor works as the Director of Global B2B Digital Marketing at Visa. She brings years of digital marketing expertise to her role coordinating the digital strategy for the familiar credit card brand, which includes identifying the best technology products to manage their marketing campaigns across all channels and track progress as they go.

Gina Varela-Domenichini

As the Global Campaigns and Demand Generation Manager at NetApp, Gina Varela-Domenichini works to ensure that the cloud storage company meets marketing goals and keeps the leads coming. When you’re dealing with sophisticated B2B products like the cloud solutions offered by NetApp, the pipeline can get complicated. Making use of the right technology and data makes it possible to stay a little more organized and make sure leads get ushered through the buyer’s journey to become sales.

Rick Wootten

As Senior Director of Global Marketing at Seagate Technology, one of the companies on the forefront of harnessing data-driven technology, Rick Wootten puts his marketing knowledge to work running a team that employs some of the most sophisticated marketing technology solutions available to measure outcomes effectively and ramp up sales and leads by several multiples. 

Daniel Bewley

In his role as Director of Performance Marketing at Qualcomm, Daniel Bewley is tasked with making sure his company meets their performance goal strategies on all campaigns across the board. Using data, he shapes the strategy of marketing campaigns across all channels, including mobile, to drive new sales for the telecommunications business.  

Gregg Nathan

Gregg Nathan tackles a role at Fidelity Investments that too few businesses currently have: VP of Marketing Effectiveness. To make sure their marketing doesn’t just meet output quotas, but actually produces results, he and his team use a data-driven approach to optimize every marketing campaign they undertake.

Brian McGuire

The Senior Director of Marketing Communication at ADP, Brian McGuire tackles one of the challenges many enterprise companies struggle with: getting marketing and sales on the same page. By aligning the two departments, he enables consistent messaging throughout the buyer’s journey so that leads can more seamlessly make their way through the pipeline.

Cheryl Lange

Global Planning Manager at Rockwell Automation, Cheryl Lange, takes charge in developing the company-wide marketing plan for a large, complex business with products that span sectors and audiences, and then tracking results as the plan is executed. Managing a large team of professionals, she works to keep all marketing campaigns aligned with the company’s goals and makes sure the marketing department delivers consistent results.

Samantha Madden

As the Demand Generation and Digital Marketing Campaign Manager at Brightcove, Samantha Madden not only helps plan and execute the company’s digital marketing campaigns, but also works to diligently review how well they’re performing and optimize them for improved results as she goes. With the help of thorough data analysis, she and her team help more leads make their way through the pipeline to become customers of the popular online video platform.

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At Hive9, we think these marketing professionals are on the cusp of something big. By tackling their data challenges head on, they are sure to become marketing’s next household names as they turn data-driven marketing from dream to reality.

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