Hive9 Customers Honored for Excellence in Marketing

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 3/25/16 11:39 AM


As a business, pursuing data-driven marketing puts you ahead of most. Only 21% of marketing organizations are actively using data to improve their marketing efforts and demonstrate their value to executives.  Many of Hive9’s current customers are already a part of that 21%, or are quickly on their way to joining it.

That’s why we’re very happy, and not entirely surprised, to hear that six of our customers have been nominated for honors in this year’s Markie awards.

The Markies were created in 2007 to showcase companies for their excellence in marketing. They seek to highlight the work of forward thinking marketers who do innovative work to keep the industry on the path to ever-greater results.

We couldn’t agree more that these companies are worthy of recognition for the great marketing work they’re doing.

Best Digital Marketing Ecosystem Nominee: Sage

This category honors those that have managed to integrate their various digital marketing products and processes for better results. Even as vendors of marketing technology, we know that having good tech doesn’t mean much unless you can harness it effectively.

Best International Marketing Campaign Nominee: Zebra Technologies

International marketing brings its own set of complicated challenges and any marketing organization that can pull it off is functioning at an impressive level. Zebra Technologies is tackling the challenging job of running marketing campaigns designed to reach particular audiences of several different countries. We’re pleased to see them getting recognized for their hard work.

Best Social Campaign Nominee: Thomson Reuters

Every marketer today knows social media matters, but that doesn’t mean we’ve all figured out how to do it well. As consumers, most of us have probably had a negative social media experience with a brand, so it’s clear that businesses are often still figuring it out. That makes the companies that do manage to do social media effectively all the more impressive. Thomas Reuters has figured out how to use their social media channels for measurable gains and is getting the kudos they deserve for their initiative.

Best Use of Data and Analytics Insights Nominee: Thomson Reuters (again!)

Why be content for a nomination in one category when you can claim two? Thomas Reuters is showing how truly ahead of the pack they are with a second nomination in a category close to our hearts. All marketers today have access to marketing analytics, but few have figured out how to pull the most useful insights out of those analytics with success the way Thomas Reuters has.

Content is King Nominee: TD Ameritrade Institutional

Content marketing is a necessary component to any successful marketing strategy. Those that do it well don’t just push content out into the world, they craft content that’s designed to appeal to the right persona at the right moment in the buyer’s journey, and then track how well it performs in order to improve over time. It’s no easy feat, but one that TD Ameritrade has down.

Modern Marketing Leader of the Year Nominee: Meagan Eisenberg from MongoDB

You know that feeling you get when something you’ve loved for years is also appreciated by the mainstream? That’s kind of how we feel about this nominee. We already knew Meagan Eisenberg was a modern marketing leader, as evidenced by her great presentation in our webinar on marketing technology earlier this year. We’re thrilled to see her get the recognition she deserves on a larger platform like the Markies! We won’t be surprised if she takes home the prize.

While we don’t yet know the results (and won’t until MME), we know each of these nominees are already winning in the results they see from their marketing efforts. Congratulations to all of you and know we’re rooting for you!

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