Ensure Your B2B Martech Purchase Takes Root

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 2/8/17 12:53 PM

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Most marketing technology purchasing decisions involve a process. At 42% of large companies, ten or more people are typically involved making a purchasing decision. It makes sense that a variety of stakeholders should therefore be able to weigh in. But the trickier question is: which ones?

Yet, no two organizations have identical marketing DNA. Nonetheless, there are some commonalities in how you should think about who to include in the process. If you select a solution that solves business challenges beyond marketing, you can create new opportunities for your solution to take root (leading to increased collaboration and business results).

High-Level Decision Makers

In a lot of organizations, it will be a given that the CMO or VPs should be involved in decisions. In addition, the heads of the various marketing departments that will be putting the tech to use day by day should also be involved. This could include Demand Generation, Marketing Operations or any number of other relevant groups.

Your directors and managers are attuned to the decisions that will influence the work their teams do each day. The technology you choose is of course a big part of that, so their buy-in is key.

The End Users

In a lot of cases, the people who will be using the marketing technology most frequently won’t necessarily be your high-level decision makers, rather, they’ll be the employees who make up each of your marketing teams. While it’s intuitive that the people who will be using the technology should be incorporated into the decision of what to buy, it doesn’t always play out that way in marketing organizations.

Of course, if you tried to include everyone who will be using the tech on the purchasing committee, things could quickly get chaotic. Instead, make employee interviews an early step in the process so you can voice their wants/needs. Talk to a representative in each of your marketing departments to suss out:

  • What they consider their greatest needs from technology
  • What their primary concerns are in learning and implementing a new technology
  • What they like and don’t like about the technology solutions they have now
  • If they can name any features or functionality that would make their jobs easier and more efficient

The utility of any B2B solution depends on its successful adoption. Talking to users prior to selecting software can be instrumental in their view of the application.

What about Finance and Project Management?

Other arms of the organization don’t necessarily need to be in the room for every meeting, but you should take the opportunity to vet their needs and concerns related to the product.

When it comes to deploying a MPM solution like Hive9, you should tap IT, Finance or Project Management where appropriate. As a gatekeeper, IT will be glad to hear that Hive9 can be managed by the marketing group itself with little to no external administration and that native integrations ensure simple interoperability with CRM systems, MAP tools, project management applications and financial systems.

Finance will be pleased to hear that they’ll have access to planned marketing spend before it hits the books (should they want it) and that marketing can easily see actuals once finance allocated them. This enhanced visibility will strengthen the marketing and finance bond as both groups will develop new, collaborative processes.

The same goes for project management – when marketing can see the tie in of project management data (and vice versa) teams will eat up less cycles communicating and will devote more time to doing. Checking in on the status of various tactics will become a thing of the past.

Value Across the Org

Although a B2B purchase like Hive9 involves the cooperation of several departments, not to worry. The value added for each group makes the deployment of a marketing performance solution about far more than the value provided to the marketing team itself. Buy-in across the organization ensures both a successful adoption period and strong roots in driving business outcomes.

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