How to Find the Right Marketing Mix(ology) For Your Business

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 3/7/16 11:37 AM


Every marketing team and strategy is made up of a lot of different moving parts. In order for your marketing budget to really pay off, every one of those parts has to do its job well.

The Bees Knees

2 oz. Hendrix Gin
.75 oz. fresh lemon juice
.5 oz. honey syrup


Add all ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

But what’s more important – also easier to overlook and harder to achieve – is that each part has to work in tandem with other parts of the whole in just the right mix for your business to find marketing success.

Think of it like a cocktail. Before you can even consider making one, you need to make sure you have all the ingredients on hand, but even if you buy all the best ingredients, you can easily end up with a disgusting cocktail if you get the mix wrong.

Start with Your Ingredients

In your younger days, you might have sprung for a low-cost liquor to get the job done (it’s all the same, right?). Gladly, those days are behind you. You now know it’s worth it to splurge on the top shelf gin. The same principle applies in marketing. We all know there are content mills and black hat SEO firms out there taking the cheap and easy option, but we know better. Making sure your marketing organization invests in talented people and valuable tools is crucial to success.

The marketing equivalent of buying top shelf liquor, organic lemons, and a solid brand of syrup is:

  • Hiring the right people – even knowing they’ll cost you more
  • Hiring enough people – even the most brilliant minds get duller when overworked
  • Investing in the right tools and technology

A good team that has access to the tools needed to do their jobs effectively isn’t optional – you need all your ingredients before you can start to make anything with them.

Work on Your Mixology

Bringing all the best ingredients into play isn’t the end of your job. Most cocktail enthusiasts know that if you mix up good ingredients in a bad combination or get the quantities wrong, you can easily end up with a cocktail that’s undrinkable.

You need a recipe – in other words, a marketing plan.

This is the stage where you have to figure out who gets put on which marketing campaigns, how much budget should be allotted to each marketing tactic, and which different departments should collaborate on which campaigns to achieve the greatest impact.

Finally, Tweak to Improve

Your first mix won’t be perfect. Getting the mixology just right takes some trial and error.  Maybe the recipe as written has too much gin for your liking (or not enough). You can play around with the ratios of different ingredients, or try subbing in a lime for a lemon. Make slight changes to the mix until you get things just right to your tastes.

To put all that in marketing terms, measure how well things are working with your current integrated marketing plan and make changes as you go based on results. Maybe a little more attention and budget needs to go toward SEO, or maybe you realize your content needs more paid promotion. Change up your marketing mix until you get everything working just right to your tastes.

Then go home and help yourself to a delicious cocktail (hopefully you’ll like our recipe just as it is on the first try). If you’ve done the work to get your marketing mix just right, you’ll have earned it.

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