Identify and Leverage Your Most Valuable Customers

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 11/1/16 1:46 PM

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You don’t need us to tell you how valuable customer advocates are. They’re one of your solution’s most powerful resources and offer living proof of your value. They’re also capable of driving high quality, net new leads.

Yet, marketing tends to focus primarily on leads without putting much work or emphasis on customers.

Your customer advocates can and should become a part of your marketing efforts. First though, you have to be the kind of company that inspires customer advocates and knows how to recognize who they are.

Don’t stop marketing after the sale.

The first step marketing needs to make to get more from customer advocates is a mental shift. You can’t have the mindset that your job stops at the sale. You especially can’t think that your job stops when you pass a lead on to the sales department.

Your customers are still leads. If you offer a subscription product, you want renewals. If you have a single license model, you want customers that buy multiple products from you and consider upgrades and extras. 

The people who have already bought from your brand are some of your most valuable leads. You should be actively creating marketing materials and campaigns focused on nurturing those relationships and, hopefully, driving revenue.

Look at your data to identify your best current customers.

One of the benefits marketing gets from paying attention to the full buyer’s journey – beyond the point of sale – is that you start to see data that shows you a bigger picture. All of your customers are valuable, but some are worth more to your business than others. And the more your marketing targets your current customers, the more you’ll collect data on the types of marketing that works best for your most important persona: your customer advocates.

Use data on your current customer advocates to spot your future ones.

Identifying your current most valuable customers gives you something else crucial: the ability to better spot your most valuable leads.

If you look at the traits your customer advocates have in common and the path they took to reach the point of advocacy for your company, you’ll have the beginnings of a playbook you can use to guide your marketing approach to new leads. You can emphasize the leads that most resemble your customer advocates in your marketing planning and define a buyer’s journey for them that’s similar to what’s worked with your ideal customers.

Work with customer advocates in your marketing efforts.

At this point, you’ve identified who your current customer advocates are and which promising leads and new customers are the most likely to become customer advocates in the future. That means you know just who to approach to help you in your marketing efforts.

Customer advocates can be hugely valuable to your marketing team in a number of different forms:

  • As guests on webinars
  • As the focus of a case studies
  • As co-presenters at conferences
  • As testimonials on your website
  • As references for leads or new customers who want to talk to someone about how your solution adds value

If they’re truly enthusiastic about your brand and you’ve put in the work to nurture your relationship, then asking them to help out in ways like this won’t be out of line.

 In order to create and leverage customer advocates, your product has to be great and your customer service team needs to be on point. But on top of that, marketing has an important role to play too. Provide customers with useful content and pay attention to what your marketing analytics tell you. If you provide a consistently good experience to your customers, they can become one of the best marketing resources you have.  

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