Is Everyone in Your Marketing Organization Speaking the Same Language?

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 7/29/16 2:55 PM


Marketers are communicators. In theory that means we know the value of making sure that all terms and ideas are clear. In practice, marketers don’t always take the time to sit down and make sure everyone in the organization is on the same page.

It’s easy to assume everyone’s thinking what you’re thinking, and that everyone’s goals and priorities are the same as yours. But if you don’t bother to clarify and communicate amongst your own team and between departments, you could be losing out on a lot of potential for improved results.

Sales and marketing professionals know having an integrated approach to digital communications across the board is important, however, only some actually pull it off.

Organizations where sales and marketing manage to get on the same page and work together earn 208% more revenue because of it.

And for as long as marketers keep speaking a different language than the ones their CEOs care about (hint: it involves revenue), they’ll keep contributing to the serious problem of marketing distrust.

All of these statistics make one thing abundantly clear: communication is key. Don’t assume the different people and departments in your company all understand each other, take action to make sure of it.

Create Clear Definitions

For an industry full of trained communicators, marketers aren’t above arguing over definitions. Heated debates have raged over the proper definitions of inbound marketing and content marketing. Different people have different ideas of how best to define account-based marketing (although most of them include a lot of overlap).

Definitions are often tricky and frequently we don’t realize people don’t share our understanding of a specific term until we take the time to define it.

So no matter how unnecessary you think it might be, sit down with your team (and the other teams in your company) to put some definitions to commonly used terms you all use. When you talk about “goals,” what do you mean? When you call someone a “lead,” what does that mean? What does “success” look like? Get it all down on paper.

Pro Tip: Developing a Demand Waterfall Helps

A demand waterfall brings sales and marketing together through a common process for moving leads through the pipeline. It encourages clear definitions of leads and makes sure that everyone on both your sales and marketing teams are working toward the same goals.

Just as your marketing department likely has a lot of different teams that all work together for marketing success, a demand waterfall helps your sales reps and marketing employees start to see themselves as working on the same team as well. 

Make Sure Branding is Consistent Across Channels

The great thing about enterprise marketing are the vast resources at your disposal. There are so many people working toward the same goals and able to pursue different avenues to help reach them.

The bigger an organization though, the more likely you are to suffer from disconnected silos. Is your social media team putting out the same brand messaging as your sales team?

If each part of your organization is presenting a different vision than the others, how will your prospects know who you are? You need clear messaging that everyone knows and understands.

Create brand guidelines that everyone in the company has access to that addresses visual design, writing style, and messaging. And give your various teams ways to stay in touch and connected. Your sales team should know about your marketing initiatives, and your SEO experts should have a pretty good idea of what your social media specialists are up to.   

An integrated marketing plan combined with ongoing communication between teams can help make sure you all finally start putting out the same message.

Everything in your company will run better if people take the time to communicate effectively. When everyone is working together toward common goals, those goals are much more likely to be met. And you can expect the results to show in the revenue you bring in.

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