What You Can Do This Summer: Take the First Step Toward Data-Driven Marketing

Written by: Jason Andrade on 7/13/16 9:40 AM


Have you ever looked at a looming task in front of you that you know needs to get done and just found yourself frozen? Even when you know the benefits of completing that task will pay off tenfold, if the work and investment involved appears especially big and intimidating, it’s easier just not to start at all.

Many businesses face this problem when it comes to data-driven marketing. You know the results are big. You know doing the work to get everything into place will pay off in a better ROI. But there’s just so much you have to get done before you can reach the point where you’re doing data-driven marketing precisely the way you want to do it.

This is a case where perfection’s the enemy of good. You don’t have to get everything done and perfect tomorrow. But if you don’t at least get started, you’ll remain that much further from your goal.

3 Easy Ways to Get Started

If you get only one aspect of data-driven marketing into place this summer, you’ll be one step further along than you were in the spring. And you’ll be better prepared to move onto the next step once the time and budget become available to do so down the line.

We want to make it easy for you to actually take that first step, so we created limited-time offers for three packages, each designed to help you get started quickly to improve marketing performance.

Focus on Marketing Planning

Marketing planning is one of the most important steps any marketing team can take toward getting better results. In the hierarchy of marketing needs, it’s the strong foundation you should build the rest of your marketing on top of. 

One of the key things marketing planning helps you do is take a thorough look at your data to see where you are now, so you accurately identify what’s working and where you can improve. That knowledge allows you to confidently move forward with a data-driven approach that will net you better results.

Ready to take this one crucial step forward? Get in touch now.

Focus on Your Waterfall

One of the challenges many large marketing organizations face is a disconnect between the different departments. If every team and department is focused on their own responsibilities and goals and not paying attention to how they connect with everyone else’s, then nobody will do a good job of helping the company reach its overarching goals.

The solution is a clearly defined waterfall model that gets everyone on the same page. You want everyone to be able to see all the stages a lead goes through, from their first interaction with your brand to the moment where they either fall off or  become a sale.

To achieve that, you need a good system for tracking how your leads move through the waterfall so that everyone can see the full picture. If you’re ready to go ahead and get that system into place this summer, we’re here for you.

Focus on Marketing Attribution

Both of those options are really good foundational choices for getting started, but if you want to convince your executives to embrace a new investment, you may have an easier time if you reach them on the level they care most about: revenue.

Marketing attribution has long been a challenge for any business concerned with marketing ROI, but as technology gets more sophisticated and our data gets ever better, drawing a clear line between your marketing activities and your revenue is actually within reach.

Once you can show evidence of ROI, you’ll find it that much easier getting the budget and approval to move forward on other data-driven marketing initiatives. You could have a better system for marketing attribution in place by the end of the summer. Let us help.

Stop letting excuses slow down your progress. Use the summer to get one thing done. Taking the first step is always the hardest part, but it will make everything else easier to accomplish once complete.  

Oh yeah, and if you do take that first step and set up a call with us by July 30, we’ll send you nine pints of ice cream to sweeten the deal. You can cool off this summer and start making progress toward your intimidating goals with one move.

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