The Pros and Cons of Attribution Models: A 2021 Update

Written by: Bruce Brien on 3/2/21 10:05 AM

Note: This post is a timely refresh of a blog we wrote in 2016, The Pros and Cons of Different Revenue Attribution Models.

To truly understand marketing ROI, we must first understand marketing influence. It's important to understand not only how much revenue the marketing organization has influenced but also the degree of influence. Ultimately, organizations want to know how much revenue they can attribute to their marketing efforts. This is not as easy as it sounds.

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The CRM “lead” conundrum: Why did they have to get it so wrong?

Written by: Bruce Brien on 5/27/20 1:30 PM

I am talking about the word “lead” with regard to marketing and CRM systems. We have gotten it completely wrong for decades, and it has caused a great deal of problems and unnecessary expense for many organizations. 

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Make Marketing Personalization a Reality

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 11/3/16 2:53 PM

Getting the right message in front of a prospect at the moment it will make the most impact is the goal of every marketer. We now have the technology to get closer to that than we ever have before, but few marketing organizations have gone beyond high-level segmentation.

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Is Your Buyer on the Journey You Think They Are?

Written by: Johnny Anderson on 2/19/16 11:27 AM

Marketers talk a lot about the buyer’s journey. Google yields over a million results for the term. The quest to understand the process a customer goes through to come to a purchasing decision is one of marketing’s most popular subjects.

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