Marketing Forecasting 101

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 12/8/16 4:15 PM

As marketers, we’re constantly working to predict future outcomes. We must both anticipate what tactics are most likely to pay off and how long they’ll take to begin yielding results. That guesswork drives marketing decision-making as we attempt to meet and exceed organizational targets.

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Topics: Hive9, Effective Planning, Marketing Insights

Marketing Insights in Real-Time

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 11/9/16 2:25 PM

Real-time data has become a common expectation in marketing technology products. Once you know the option exists to see how your marketing campaigns are playing out instantaneously, who wants to wait days, weeks, or months?

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Topics: Marketing Analytics, Hive9, Effective Planning

Understanding Your Pipeline Velocity for Better Budget Planning

Written by: Munira Fareed on 4/29/16 3:23 PM

Your marketing analytics have a lot to tell you. They can help you identify the customers worth the most to you, the marketing activities contributing the most to revenue, and the sequence of actions most likely to lead to a sale.

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Topics: Hive9, Effective Planning