Want a Bigger Marketing Budget? Support Your Request with Data.

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 1/6/17 1:14 PM

If there’s a marketing organization indifferent to the idea of a bigger budget, we haven’t met them yet. Your budget is intrinsically tied to what you’re able to accomplish. A bigger budget can mean better technology, new hires, higher salaries, and more resource to put into your marketing campaigns. Every bit of that makes for a happier, more successful team.

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Marketing Measurement Is More Than Taking Credit

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 12/29/16 12:18 PM

Better access to data gave marketing departments something that long felt elusive before: a specific measure of success. Until recently, so much of what marketers did was hard to measure. We assured the CEO and CFO that our work was making a difference, but it was difficult to prove in a tangible way.

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Marketing Planning with Financial System Integration

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 12/20/16 1:51 PM

The relationship between marketing and finance is a complicated one. Marketing relies on finance for incremental budget approval and continuously works to report results that prove their value to the organization. Finance in turn looks to marketing to help break down and reconcile costs, as each group has their own set of budget processes.

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Behind the Scenes of Marketing Personalization

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 12/15/16 2:08 PM

Every day we’re marketed to in a fashion that has nothing to do with us. We’ve grown so used to this phenomenon, in fact, that most of us hardly see poorly matched advertisements or emails anymore. The marketers behind those messages are likely wasting both their time and money.

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Marketing Forecasting 101

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 12/8/16 4:15 PM

As marketers, we’re constantly working to predict future outcomes. We must both anticipate what tactics are most likely to pay off and how long they’ll take to begin yielding results. That guesswork drives marketing decision-making as we attempt to meet and exceed organizational targets.

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What To Do When Marketing Metrics Fall Short

Written by: Jackie Gonzalez on 12/6/16 3:56 PM

The great thing about having access to enhanced marketing data is that it shows you what works. The corollary, of course, is that it also shows you what isn’t working in your marketing mix. Although unpleasant, digging into the drivers behind underperforming metrics are critical to improvement in your bottom line.

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Filtering Marketing Data for Improved Insights

Written by: Jason Andrade on 12/2/16 3:27 PM

Conventional wisdom holds that the more marketing data we have, the better. Data can show us so much, but it seldom comes in a that’s actionable or easy to understand. And the more data we track, the harder it can be to translate it into meaningful insights.

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Time For An Update – Are Your Personas Long Overdue?

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 11/30/16 2:05 PM

Personas have long been a go-to tool for helping marketers understand their audience better. In the era of data-driven marketing, they’ve taken on a new level of importance.

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Improve Your Content Strategy with Data

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 11/28/16 11:56 AM
Content marketing has been one of the biggest marketing success stories of the past few years, with 89% of companies focusing on this approach citing positive results. But like any marketing tactic, you can put resources into content marketing only to watch it fail. Read More

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Using Data to Bring Different Departments Together

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 11/21/16 1:01 PM

Enterprise organizations have had a big problem for years: their many departments exist in silos. Oftentimes, there are silos within individual departments themselves. When you’re dealing with a large number of people required to run an enterprise company, keeping everyone connected and communicating can be difficult.

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