It is time to trade up from personal productivity to organizational productivity.

Posted by Bruce Brien on 4/11/19 2:57 PM

The spreadsheet can be a very powerful tool, especially for personal productivity, problem solving and modeling scenarios. It is where most organizations first develop their marketing plan. Four or five marketers sharing the same room determine that it is time to write down the plan, share it with others, use it to meet with finance, assign ownership to tasks, and generally feel good that the plan is in one place.

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Do You Know If You’re On Track to Meet Revenue Goals?

Posted by Patrick Kilgore on 6/15/17 11:48 AM

You’ve been working hard all year long. You’re confident in the campaigns you’ve launched and are eager to see the results you’ve collected as you conduct incremental reviews. When the whole team sits down at the meeting to go over the numbers you learn the worst: you didn’t come close to meeting your marketing-influenced revenue goals.

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Highlights from the 2017 Marketing Performance Management Benchmark Study

Posted by Patrick Kilgore on 6/6/17 11:45 AM

Every year, marketers work toward better solutions and better results. As the marketing arena becomes ever more complicated – both due to new tactics and channels, as well as new tech software available to help manage it all – figuring out the right approach to getting the best results is an ongoing challenge.

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Webinar Recap: Planning & Performance in an ABM World

Posted by Patrick Kilgore on 4/11/17 10:00 AM

ABM Webinar Banner.png

Our recent webinar on Marketing Planning and Performance in an ABM World covered a lot of territory. With three experts in the field each bringing insights from their particular background and specialty, attendees got a heaping dose of knowledge in exchange for the hour they spent.

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