Workfront LEAP 2017 Conference Wrap-up

Written by: Patrick Kilgore on 4/21/17 1:30 PM

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Our team had the chance to take part in the third-annual Workfront Leap User Conference last week in Salt Lake. The event was a great opportunity to connect with the Workfront community and discuss improving workplace collaboration and efficiency.

If you weren’t able to make it to LEAP, the blog wrap-up below can give you a glimpse of the week’s highlights!

Highlights and Takeaways from Workfront Leap 2017

The main theme of the conference was improving efficiency amongst knowledge workers. Over the course of several days of talks and events, a number of tips and ideas were explored for doing just that. 

There’s Lots of Room for Improvement in Productivity

In his opening keynote, Workfront’s CEO Alex Shootman shared some troubling research with the attendees: $3.4 trillion worth of work is wasted in the United States each year. In a country that values productivity and efficiency, many companies are letting their most valuable resource – their employees’ time – go to waste.


Typical employees only spend about 39% of their day doing the type of work they were hired to do. Businesses hire them to fill a specific need, and then often bog them down with meetings, a steady stream of emails to check, and other types of “work” that aren’t as important as getting their main job done.

Shootman made a clear case for why what Workfront does is so important. There’s so much room for businesses to do better. They just need to figure out how.  

Finding the Right People is a Big Part of the Equation

Guest speaker Patrick Lencioni (author of The Ideal Team Player) talked about just how important hiring the right people for your business is. In order to run a business that’s efficient, you need people who care about efficiency and productivity working for you.

Lencioni outlined the three main traits to look for in a new hire:

  • Humble
  • Hungry
  • Smart

If you hire someone lacking in any one of those traits, it can hurt the whole team.

He talked us through what to do during the hiring process to identify the candidates who would be the best team players and help the company to achieve the kind of collaborative success that improves efficiency. Tips like showing your sincerity and holding non-traditional interviews gave attendees a playbook to take home and use in the next round of hires for their company. 

Leveraging Data Is Another

Your employees are probably the most important component to having a workplace that runs well, but there are a few tools you can put to use to better understand how to enable your employees to do the best work possible.

Hive9’s own Darin Hicks talked about how useful data can be for that. Most companies have loads of data right now that could feasibly reveal many significant insights into ways to improve. But in a lot of cases, those insights are hidden


Having data and being able to see and understand all that your data has to tell you are two different things. Hicks talked about the importance of shining a light on your data for planning, budgeting and performance visibility. With these insights, you can better understand where you are now and the steps required for marketing to achieve revenue and performance targets.

The Director of Marketing Operations at Workfront, Brandon Jensen, shared the stage with Hicks to talk about how use of Hive9 has helped Workfront start to bring their data into one place in order to see, understand, and get more out if it. Leveraging Hive9’s financial integration to their NetSuite instance is allowing marketing and finance to stay in sync and more efficiently manage spend. 


The Conference Wasn’t All Work

The conference was full of great keynotes and sessions, but also provided a lot of opportunities for Workfront users to connect. We enjoyed demoing Hive9 for attendees (and would be just as happy to repeat the demo for any interested non-attendees).

And we appreciated Workfront’s commitment to using the conference as an opportunity to do good through their Dress for Success initiative. Conference attendees were encouraged to donate clothes, money, or time to the organization, which helps low-income community members gain the clothes they need to look their best for job interviews. 

The final morning of LEAP was low-key as attendees headed out to Park City to hit the slopes, but both CEO Alex Shootman and CMO Joe Staples could be seen quietly folding clothes after the limelight had dimmed. That’s the kind of company we’re proud to call a partner.

All in all, it was a great conference and we’re already looking forward to next year in Nashville!

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