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This eBook from Hive9's chief strategy officer, Bruce Brien, serves as a practical guide for marketers to model and predict the performance of their plans under real-world conditions, especially as marketers gear up for 2021 planning:

  • Revenue modeling and related concepts for accurately predicting performance

  • Demand waterfalls, stage conversion rates, velocities and deal sizes

  • Segmentation and exceptions or variations within your models

  • Process decisions on service-level agreements between sales and marketing that impact revenue models

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Bruce BrienAbout the author: Prior to joining Hive9 as the chief strategy officer, Bruce was the chief technology officer at SiriusDecisions. Earlier in his career, he held leadership roles at Bulldog Solutions (now Hero Digital) and JD Edwards (now Oracle) while also founding his own company, Stratascope, and running it for 10 years before selling its IP to the Savo Group.

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