Your siloed marketing plans will never give you the visibility you need to improve your performance.

So why are you still planning in spreadsheets?

CEO Darin Hicks discusses Hive9's collaborative planning capabilities.

Get all of your marketing plans onto a single platform, using a common structure and language so that marketers around the globe can collaborate and leverage each other's efforts.

The Hive9 calendar provides detailed visualizations of what's in market at any time. All planning views can be pivoted through the lens of any custom segmentation, enabling marketers to view plans from any angle.

The budget and cost view enables marketers to plan from the top down or the bottom up in one or more currencies, drawing from one or more financial budgets as the situation dictates.

Hive9 plans are supported by a flexible workflow approval system that offers multiple levels, signing limits, serial and parallel sign-offs, and relative approvers to make the maintenance of approval lists a breeze.