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Where do you store your marketing plan, and how do you influence it today? How confident are you in achieving your 2021 goals? The explosion of marketing technologies, combined with most planning efforts stuck in spreadsheets, is wasting marketers’ time to assemble the information they need and negatively impacting campaign performance.

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Hive9 brings your entire marketing plan into an intelligent calendar, providing immediate visibility, insights and better collaboration to ensure your plan is aligned with your strategy.

We connect your plan automatically to your budget and actual expenses to ensure no surprises with your CFO and provide better knowledge of your spending by vendor, region, product, target audience and much more.

Finally, we clearly show you what is working and what is not. Hive9 performance reports don’t only look backward. We use the foundation of your total plan to predict the business impact for the year and constantly compare with actual results. This forward-looking approach highlights problems in time to implement solutions and produces dashboards that drive action to improve your plan.

Hive9 is a solution built by marketers who have been in your shoes. We did hire some really smart software types to write the code, and because we take our responsibilities very seriously, we also recently submitted and earned our SOC II Type 2 certification -- so you can be sure we'll be responsible stewards of your information. We provide the white glove treatment to ensure your success, and we help our clients with best practices over time based on their marketing maturity and specific objectives.


Hive9 Customer Testimonials

Thomson Reuters, a multinational mass media and information organization, selected Hive9 as the global marketing strategy and planning solution for all business units: “After using Hive9 for a part of our team for over one year, we are now building on the solution to implement a unified planning process and campaign framework across the business.” - Tobias Lee, Legal Division CMO 

GE sought to improve overall marketing rigor, as well as improve visibility. After adopting Hive9, GE implemented a campaign framework that automatically tied their financials to business goals and improved the decision process for spending future dollars: “It is really great to have all of my marketing information in one location and the ability to access and make decisions quickly… We can even have budgeting discussions with Finance from within the application.” - Shonodeep Modak, Industrial Solutions CMO


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