Hive9 Introduces Advanced Custom Attributes to Accommodate Complex Marketing Segmentation Needs

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hive9, a provider of software for marketing leaders to plan, measure and predict revenue from marketing, today announced the availability of a suite of new features called Advanced Custom Attributes.

These features, available throughout Hive9's planning and purchase support modules, will enable customers to accommodate complex segmentation needs and a wider variety of use cases.

Users will have unlimited segmentation at any level of the planning hierarchy, including purchase support. The advanced capabilities include the following:

  1. Attribute Grouping – Group attributes into logical segments that can be opened or collapsed if needed.

  2. Attribute Ordering – Attributes can be ordered as needed within their group.

  3. Tooltips – Provide data entry or interpretation guidance to users.

  4. Single vs. Multiple Select – Enable users to select multiple options with separate weightings for performance and cost.

  5. Attribute Dependencies – One attribute may be dependent on another, reducing errors and simplifying entry.

  6. Rich Text Attributes – Enter more polished documents directly into an attribute, such as a campaign brief, with support for pictures, bulleting and tables.

  7. Attachments – Users can upload attachments to their own SharePoint server via Hive9 without the attachment ever leaving their secured domains while simultaneously storing the link in Hive9.

  8. Integration updates – Status and other updates from third-party integrations can be shown in restricted attributes that cannot be updated.

  9. Formulas – These attributes can perform queries, manipulate text, execute logic and perform math on multiple attributes or standard fields and store the result.

  10. Hidden Attributes – Any attribute can be hidden if users don't need to see it: e.g., a formula result that is only used to drive a dependency.

  11. Custom Sizing and Spacing – Attributes can be sized to meet specific client needs.

  12. External Links – Link attributes can be set up to ensure that users can execute the external link in a new tab.

"These new capabilities make Hive9 a truly extensible platform, enabling our customers to enjoy a customized experience tailored to their needs," says Bruce Brien, Chief Strategy Officer at Hive9.

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