Demand Metric and Hive9 Release Benchmark B2B Research on Marketing Performance Management

Research Shows That Top-Performing Marketing Teams Are 44 Percent More Effective at Understanding the Customer Journey

AUSTIN, TX — May 23, 2016 — Hive9, the marketing performance management company, and Demand Metric, a research and advisory firm, today announced the availability of a new research report called “Empowering Your Customer Journeys With Marketing Performance Management”. The complimentary report is available on Hive9’s website

Key findings from the report include:

  • 89 percent of top-performing marketing organizations set quantifiable performance targets for many or nearly all their programs.
  • Top-performing marketers are better at understanding and measuring the customer experience. On a scale from 1-10 where 10 = extremely effective, the Best rate 7.9; the Rest rate 5.7.
  • Top-performing marketers more effectively optimize content for the stages of the buying journey: the Best marketers rate 7.4, while the Rest rate 5.3 where 10 = extremely effective.

“Marketing and customer experience continue to drift closer to one another so that the alignment between marketing and customer experience has become just as important as marketing and sales alignment. A clear understanding of the customer’s journey is now a marketing performance management imperative,” said Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric.

“Understanding the customer’s journey is an integral part of measuring and improving marketing performance. Hive9 brings together data from multiple silos to create actionable intelligence that improves the customer experience.  We are excited about the combination with our planning, budgeting and attribution solutions to provide a complete picture to marketing leaders, who are on their own journey to increase their business impact,” said Darin Hicks, Hive9’s CEO.

Hive9’s automated journey mapping solution uses millions of marketing and sales touch points to visualize and analyze the actual buyer and customer journeys that lead to greater revenue and more customer advocates. In addition, with built-in tag management and next-best message rules, Hive9 helps marketers put proven messages, assets, and sequences into play, driving more prospects onto the desired path.

The complimentary research report can be downloaded here. The Hive9 marketing performance management solution consists of three modules: 

Plan: Planning | Forecast | Calendar | Budget Management 
Measure: Marketing Intelligence | Dashboards & Analytics | Revenue Attribution
Optimize: Journey Maps | Next-Best Message | Tag Management

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