Hive9 Launches Purchasing Support and Multi-Level Approvals for Marketers

AUSTIN, Texas, July 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hive9, a provider of software for marketing leaders to plan, measure and predict revenue from marketing, has announced a major update with new features for purchasing support, approval workflows and budget management, as well as integration with JIRA.

  • Enhanced purchasing support: New functionality enables users to select elements of their plans and assign them to purchase requests (PRs)
    • These PRs connect to financial systems to help generate purchase orders that can then be recorded and referenced within Hive9.
    • The new purchasing structure enables the aggregation of purchase needs for a single supplier while associating PR lines with the correct elements of their marketing plan.
    • Marketers will enjoy improved alignment with finance, a more agile environment for decision-making, simplified reconciliation and better financial condition visibility.
  • Custom approval workflows: New multi-level approval capabilities enable unlimited workflows per Hive9 customer to be applied to campaigns, programs, tactics or PRs. The workflows are "level"-based, enabling "and/or" approvals, as well as financial limits and "relative" approvers to make workflow maintenance easier. Users can even export graphical representations of their workflows.
  • Budget management: Enhanced budgeting makes it easier for marketers to locate unused budget and put it to good use. Hive9 has improved support for both hard and soft budget limits. We've also improved our collaboration capabilities by expanding the use of comments and enabling users to "@reference" each other.
  • JIRA integration: Expanding Hive9's list of product integrations, a new integration with JIRA enables users to better sync with their project management needs.

"Enhanced purchasing support and multi-level approvals are a game-changer for larger organizations that really struggle with their process overhead," said Bruce Brien, Chief Strategy Officer at Hive9. "Hive9 is always looking for ways to lighten the administrative burden on the marketer."

Hive9 is the marketing performance management company. B2B marketing leaders rely on Hive9's cloud-based solution to get one view of all plans and spending tied to strategy, pipeline and revenue performance. Hive9 is based in Austin, Texas, and has an office in Providence, R.I. To learn more, visit, or follow @HiveNine on Twitter.