Waterfall Tracker for Salesforce.com

The Hive9 Waterfall Tracker works within salesforce.com to record timestamps on field changes to aid in the tracking of a sales and marketing waterfall.

We wanted to help marketers who were trying to build working waterfalls but dealing with the common pitfalls associated with Salesforce.com’s workflows and field updates.  All the necessary components along with Record Types and an associated tab are carried in the application package and all necessary settings are managed via the Custom Settings page. If you have administrative privileges at your organization, you can easily complete the installation and setup. If you do not have the ability to perform the install yourself, forward this info to your salesforce.com administrator.

The Waterfall Tracker is simply a small part of the marketing performance management solution that Hive9 offers - but every small step helps.

With the Hive9 Waterfall Tracker:

  • See how quickly leads move from one waterfall stage to another
  • Know how many leads are sitting in each stage at any time
  • Know where leads are “stuck” in the funnel
  • Save dozens of hours you would spend on building custom objects, workflows, and reports

About Hive9

Hive9 is the marketing performance management company. B2B CMOs, demand gen leaders and marketing operations experts rely on Hive9’s cloud-based solution to get one view of all plans and budgets tied to pipeline and revenue performance, optimize the full customer experience, and measure what matters to get real-time visibility that drives action and results. Unlike static spreadsheets and disparate, out-of-sync tools, Hive9 predicts and improves the impact of marketing and provides always-on intelligence with connections to leading CRM, marketing automation, finance, and project management systems.

Hive9 customers include Zebra Technologies, MongoDB, TD Ameritrade, and Sage Software, and the company is based in Austin, Texas.