On-Demand Webinar: Building Marketing Plans with Balance and Integrity

Hosted by: Virtual Marketing Forum (Richmond Events)

Featuring: Bruce Brien, chief strategy officer of Hive9

When: March 2021

When it comes to marketing planning, balance doesn’t necessarily mean equality. Instead, balanced plans are aligned with business strategies, enabling marketers to achieve specific goals.

Integrity speaks to the viability of your marketing plans. It means, simply put, that if the plan is executed and your model assumptions hold true, its results will meet your goals.

Building Marketing Plans - webinar pic


Watch this free, on-demand webinar to hear Bruce cover these topics (and more!):

  • How to create marketing plans that are aligned with and capable of meeting your goals
  • Methods to engineer your marketing plans with balance and integrity
  • Suggestions for marketing segmentation around which to align your plans so they reflect your strategy
  • How to use the SiriusDecisions Measurement Spectrum to organize your KPIs
  • Key takeaways of using the SiriusDecisions demand waterfall to meet your marketing goals
  • How to use dimensions to bring more alignment and balance to your marketing plans

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