2017 MPM Benchmark Survey Webinar - Cooking Up the Best Marketing Performance

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Hosted by: Hive9, VisionEdge Marketing and Valid USA

The pressure on Marketing organizations to be able to prove their value, impact and contribution to the business continues. CMOs still struggle to quantify and communicate the value Marketing. In the words of Stephen Diorio, an analyst in Forbes CMO Practice, “Marketing faces a performance credibility gap.” In fact, a survey conducted by the Fournaise Group discovered that 80% of CEOs freely admit that they do not trust or are not very impressed with marketers and the work they accomplish.

Recently Hive9, Valid USA, and VisionEdge Marketing conducted the 16th annual Marketing Performance Benchmark study. Still only 1 in 4 Marketing organizations continue to earn high-marks from the C-Suite for their ability to measure and report on their contribution, value and impact to the business. The research confirms that this group of elite Marketers, designated Value Creators, improve business results, have more influence over business decisions, and more credibility than their counterparts. The Value Creators budgets, tools and data are not statically different and neither is type of industry and size.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn what distinguishes excellence among these Marketing organizations. You’ll be surprised to learn it is a few active ingredients that make the difference.

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