Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Marketing Planning, Budgeting and Measurement


Speakers: Jeff Clark, Research Director Marketing Operations Strategies at SiriusDecisions and Munira Fareed, CMO at Hive9

The deployment of solutions to track marketing metrics is familiar to small organizations and enterprises alike. Despite the sea of data now available, few marketing groups dedicate the time required to strategically plan their activities, review results, and make actionable decisions. But data-driven marketing is more than just conjecture—it requires the commitment to change course based on insight.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear from Jeff Clark at SiriusDecisions on how to better align marketing for success by asking the tough questions of your marketing team, such as “How does marketing impact our business?” and “How do we improve performance year over year?” You’ll hear also from Hive9 CMO Munira Fareed on how to operationalize data-driven approach through deployment of an effective planning, budgeting, and measurement solution that yields revenue.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to begin with a single page plan and expand to a data-driven campaign planning framework
  • How to connect specific marketing activities to business outcomes
  • What a planning, budgeting, and measurement solution needs to do for you
  • How to leverage marketing intelligence to encourage a data-driven culture and make real-time adjustments to campaigns

About Guest Speaker Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark brings over 25 years of B2B marketing experience to the Marketing Operations Strategies service. Jeff develops SiriusDecsions’ research on marketing measurement and technology planning. His work helps b-to-b organizations effectively quantify, understand and convey the value being created by their marketing functions and assists marketing operations teams in their planning and management of technology.