Attribution? ROI? Measurement and the Path to Improved Performance


Speakers: Ross Graber, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions and Munira Fareed, CMO at Hive9

While b-to-b marketers have more measurement options than ever, improved marketing performance continues to be the ultimate goal. Simply choosing “the right model” never seems to get marketing organizations far enough. In this on-demand webinar, we’ll hear from special guest SiriusDecisions’ Senior Research Director Ross Graber and Hive9 CMO Munira Fareed as they discuss how marketing attribution and return on investment measurement factor into our overall understanding of marketing performance.

What you’ll learn:

  • Key elements for measuring and improving marketing impact and return on spend
  • Describe what b-to-b marketers truly need to do to produce actionable insights and better results
  • How to understand touchpoints across the buyer’s actual journey

About Guest Speaker Ross Graber

Ross brings over 15 years of marketing experience to the SiriusDecisions Marketing Operations Strategies service. He leads SiriusDecisions’ research on marketing measurement, helping b-to-b organizations effectively quantify, understand and convey the value being created by their marketing functions. His expertise spans marketing areas including data management, process development, segmentation, marketing technology, customer marketing and sales enablement.