Hive9 + SiriusDecisions Webinar On-Demand

Craig Moore, Service Director, Marketing Operations Strategies and Johnny Anderson, Hive9 VP of Products present:

Avoiding Random Acts of Measurement – Using the SiriusDecisions Aligned Measurement Framework to Implement a CMO Dashboard

Does your CMO dashboard explain marketing’s impact on the business?  Or more likely, is it full of activity data, but short on decision guidance?  Do you want to make it more meaningful? 

Understanding the CMO’s point of view is critical to developing a useful marketing dashboard that can be used to make an impact on the organization. In this webinar, SiriusDecisions analyst Craig Moore and Hive9 VP of Products Johnny Anderson will share the SiriusDecisions Aligned Measurement Framework, and discuss how revenue-centric marketing leaders are deploying marketing performance measurement that is linked to business goals and objectives.

What you'll learn:

  • The three elements of aligned measurement
  • The seven phases of aligned measurement implementation
  • An example of how a company developed a CMO dashboard using the principles outlined in the Aligned Measurement Framework and Hive9 technology